Monday, May 13, 2013

March Newsletter 2013

Ebisu Atelier d’Art  March Newsletter 2013

Ohanami: Saturday March 23 in Arisugawa Park 12:00-late

As most of you probably already know the Cherry trees are now nearly in full bloom and we need to act fast if we want to have our hanami party this year!
I know this is very short notice, but they are even saying on TV that this year’s season will be very short, so we must go out this weekend just to be on the safe side. I hope many people can still make it, but I understand that many of you may either have other plans or are away travelling at this time.
Just like last year we will be in Arisugawa Park at the top of the Hill at the back in the small circular grove of Cherry trees that surround Yasutake Funakoshi’s famous bronze statue. If you can let me know if you are coming that would be great. Everyone and anyone are welcome and invited to join us. I will bring an assortment of snacks and beverages, but please bring something to share with each other. I will also bring some art supplies from the atelier for the children, but if everyone could bring sketchbooks and anything that they might need to draw or paint that would be great.
We had a great time last year relaxing under the Cherry blossoms, eating, drinking, painting, drawing and enjoying each other’s company. This year things should be just as good. As we never know what the weather might be like, please come prepared. If there is rain we will try again for the following day (Sunday March 24 and pray that there still are a lot of blossoms to be seen.

Craig & Romeo



東京では今週末がお花見の見頃とのこと。急な連絡になってしまいましたが、恵比寿アトリエdeアートのお花見を、今週土曜の32112時から有栖川公園で、(雨の場合は、翌曜日に延期)開催したいと思います。ご都合があえば、ぜひ、お花見にご参加ください!  場所は先年と同様に、公園を登ったところのピクニック用エリアで、船越氏作の彫刻の周辺を予定しています。




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