Monday, May 13, 2013

May 2013 Newsletter

Ebisu Atelier d’Art May 2013 Newsletter

I hope that everyone had a great Golden Week. I didn’t end up going anywhere as my wife was busy with work herself; the poor dear. The last newsletter was March and that was about our Hanami. It was such short notice, but thanks to those who were able to make it. We had a great day and the timing was perfect for one of the best days of viewing this year. You can see some photo’s from the day on the blog. I’m still in the process of finishing a new Sakura painting of Meguro river, but if anyone would like to see some of my previous Sakura paintings they are currently on view at the Pink Cow in a group show. I do have other paintings on view as well until the 15th at my favourite Yakitoriya, Odori
As we have been doing since the beginning of the year we are now the official sponsor of Dr. Sketchy’s Tokyo. This month’s event will be on the 15th This is a very fun (adult) event, so if you haven’t come out you should.
            I also wanted to mention a few fantastic exhibitions that are happening around town. There are so many! We had the pleasure of seeing the Mucha show at Roppongi Hills the other day. It is amazing to say the least. Perhaps he will always be remembered best for his commercial work and illustrations. These certainly seemed the most popular at the exhibit, but this is really a rare chance to see his actual artwork as well. There are a plethora of drawings, designs, and paintings. Including a lot of preparatory works that he made for his major works in Prague for the Lord Mayors Hall, the Stained Glass of the Cathedral and his most important work the Epic of the Slavs, which occupied his time for some 18 years! This show will close on the 19th so if you haven’t seen it please try and go.
There is a Raphael show at the Museum of Western Art, which runs until June 2nd so you still have time to see this one. It is very impressive that so many Raphael’s have gone travelling. When I used to live in Florence Italy I saw many of the portraits, which are now in Ueno, often in my visits to the Uffizi Gallery there so it was such a treat to see them again here.
Lastly I must mention that one of my favourite artists of all time Antonio Lopez Garcia is having an exhibition now at Bunkamura until June 16th. I have not had time to see this exhibition yet as it just opened not long ago, but I plan on seeing it as many times as I can. He is a spectacular artist unparalleled in the history of art and most impressively is still living!

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Happy Painting, drawing and sculpting to everyone,
Craig and Romeo


西洋美術館では、6月2日まで、ラファエロ展が開催されています。世界中で展示されているラファエル作品が、一堂に会すのは、大変稀なことです。 私がフィレンツェにいた頃、ウフィツィ美術館で見た絵画も、上野で展示されており、再びこれらの絵と出会えて、幸せでした。



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