Friday, March 21, 2014

Ebisu Atelier d’Art 3rd Annual Hanami Party 2014 /恵比寿アトリエでアート第3回花見パーティ2014

Ebisu Atelier d’Art March Newsletter: Supplemental
3rd Annual Hanami Party 2014

Date: Saturday March 29
Place: Arisugawa Park
Time: 12:00-late 
Ok it’s that time of year again and it’s time to act fast! As most of you may know one of our favourite annual events is our Hanami Party. I will reserve us a nice spot bright and early and please come anytime you want from noon onward.
The place we like to go is Arisugawa Park (across from National Azabu Supermarket close to Hiroo station) at the top of the Hill, near the back of the park in a small circular grove of Cherry trees that surround Yasutake Funakoshi’s beautiful bronze statue of a nude boy.
Everyone and anyone is welcome to come. Even if you no longer take classes you are welcome. Please bring friends and family. The more the merrier. If you could let me know if you would like to come that would be great, but if you just show up that will be fine as well. I will bring some snacks and drinks, but please bring something to share with each other.
As this is the Atelier Hanami we love to draw and paint the Sakura as we relax eat, drink and enjoy each others company under the cherry blossoms. I will bring some basic supplies for the children to make pictures with, but if everyone could bring sketchbooks or anything that they might need to draw or paint that would be great.
Please call me if you are having troubles finding the location: (080)4177-6776

Looking forward to seeing as many of you as we can!
Craig & Romeo






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