Wednesday, April 18, 2012

March Newsletter

Ebisu Atelier D’Art Newsletter : March 2012

Ohanami Invitation

Hello to everyone! Some of you I’ve seen recently and some for a longer time, but I hope everyone is doing very well. Last year saw our first Christmas Party and this year we would like to have our first Atelier Hanami Party! The early cherry trees are already in blossom and most of them are ready to pop, so I thought it best to hold this next Saturday April 7. Hopefully this will be near the peak of the blossoms and hopefully the weather will get a little bit warmer. If it rains we will have it on the following day, Sunday April 8. We will be meeting in Arisugawa Park from 2pm until night. The closest station is Hiroo. From the entrance closest to Hiroo you will follow the path beside the pond up the hill to a big open space. Behind this big open space is a ring of Sakura trees that surround a beautiful statue of a little boy. Here is a map of the park (in Japanese) : We will be where it says


I have just tried to make my first “Google Map” It is at the end of this message!

Please give me a call to in case you can’t find us: (080) 4177-6776

I will reserve us a spot early in the morning, but please let me know if you would like to attend, so I have a general idea as to who is coming. I will get some small things to eat and drink, but please bring things to eat and drink to share with everyone. Also please bring your sketchbooks or anything you would like so that we can draw and paint the sakura! I will have materials for the children (but bring those sketchbooks) Adults please bring anything that you would like to use.

Looking forward to seeing everyone,

Craig & Romeo










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